Lutterworth Town Estates Charity

Registered Charity 217609

A Brief History

The history of the Lutterworth Town Estates Charity starts in medieval times. The poor begged for existence and were at the mercy of the Lord of the Manor and the Church, but being outside the manorial ground, yet within the town environs people cared for their sick and aged. In the 16th Century a Statute was set up for charitable purposes and the regulation of the administration of properties and funds given for charitable purposes. This was managed by the Town Fathers and the Church at that time.

With Government Statutes in the 19th Century (1834 Poor Laws), Charity Commissioners brought in schemes established by law and Lutterworth Town Estates Charity came into being.

In 1214 a Royal Charter was granted to allow streets for vending. The Trustees hold the rights to this Charter to hold a weekly market which is held on the Market Square each Thursday.

Lutterworth Town Estates Charity was set up many years ago "for any charitable purpose for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Lutterworth. To apply incomes of the Charity for the relief of need for persons or organisations who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress".

Grant forms are available from the Town Estates office, 12 Market Street, Lutterworth, which is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9.00-12.00. Telephone number: 01455 559430.